Artist Profile

Danny Eastwood
Born :1943
Location :Western Sydney
Tribe :Ngemba


Danny Eastwood


Danny Eastwood was born 1943. He is from Ngemba Tribe of Western Sydney.

A self-taught artist, Eastwood has worked across a range of mediums, including painting, illustration, cartooning.

Danny Eastwood was one of the official artists in 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. His Aboriginal designs on T-Shirts and panels are the most popular ones.

He also was selected the Aboriginal Artist of the year in NSW in 1992 & in 1993 won the National Artist of the year award.

Danny created murals to be seen for local councils in Southern Sydney and Parramatta. In 2008 he also won the Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize.

Dot work and colour combinations in Danny's art are outstanding.

His sons Jamie (Mugudun) and Trevor (Djapardi) are renowned artists who create great patterns on different mediums especially on canvas and didgeridoos.



















You are welcome to visit the art Gallery to view Danny Eastwood and other aboriginal artists artwork on linen/canvas, didgeridoo, boomerang, coolamon and pottery at: KARLANGU ABORIGINAL ART CENTRE, 129 Pitt St, Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia


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